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DBA Announces Amazing Courses for 2022-23 School Year

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DBA is thrilled to share the dynamic course program for our students in the 2022-23 school year. Our incredible curriculum engages and inspires students to unleash their full potential. Discover more below about our exceptional classes.

Mathematics: Maneuvering the Middle

Get ready for an exciting approach to math. Maneuvering the Middle is an interactive program created by middle school math teachers to meet the needs of their students. Engaging activities and support resources ensure that young people build a strong foundation in the subject. Enriched by special projects and our personalized approach, Maneuvering the Middle will reinvigorate each DBA student in their math journey.

English: ELA by DBA

Welcome to the most creative English class ever imagined. Developed exclusively by DBA, students will use a variety of entertaining sources to learn grammar, build vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension skills. From humorous comic strips to stirring passages from literary classics, this class will inspire young people with a diverse range of learning styles. Combined with our independent reading program and superior system for teaching writing, ELA by DBA is a game changer for middle school English Language Arts.

Science: Life Science

Experience the living world inside the classroom and beyond. Students will explore the story of life supported by the resources of Mosa Mack Science, a design thinking program specifically for middle school. With interactive lessons and engaging lab work, students will become adept in the scientific method while gaining valuable content knowledge in biology. Supported by stimulating classwork and exciting field trips, Life Science at DBA will provide strong preparation for success in high school science courses.

History: Modern World History

Discover the roots of today’s world in the past. Students will investigate the historical developments of recent centuries for the key influences on the human experience today. Utilizing units of study unique to DBA, young people will better understand the events around them through the lens of history. Featuring energizing activities and thoughtful project work, students will enjoy learning about the past while building critical skills in reading, writing, and research.

Spanish: Conversations and Culture

Open the door to a better understanding of language. Students will connect with Spanish through an emphasis on conversational speaking and everyday vocabulary. An enhanced learning experience features exciting projects on significant people, places, and culture in the Spanish speaking world. Designed specifically for middle school by DBA, students will have fun while establishing a strong foundation for future language studies.

Religion: New Testament (Fall Semester)

Explore the life and message that transformed the world. Students will study the New Testament with a focus on the ministry of Jesus Christ and the growth of the early church. In addition to reading and discussing important passages, learning activities integrate art and culture inspired by the stories of the Bible. With valuable skills work and meaningful reflection, young people will benefit immensely from both the academic and spiritual lessons of the course.

Social Studies: World Geography (Spring Semester)

Preparing young people for a connected globe. Students will engage in an introduction to the physical and political geography of the major regions of the world. Alongside useful knowledge, the course features a special project that students are sure to treasure for many years to come. 

Arts: Introduction to the Fine Arts

Appreciating artistic beauty and unleashing creativity. Students will learn about the great works of the past while developing their own talents in the arts. Coursework is integrated into the core subject areas, so students receive credit for artistic tasks completed in academic projects.

Physical Education: Recreational Games

Game on! Get ready to have fun with classic playground games and outdoor recreation. PE at DBA not only encourages a healthy and active lifestyle, but also stresses important lessons in teamwork and fair play.

Technology: Fundamental Computer Skills

Mastering the basics of office technology. Students will hone their skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and desktop publishing in preparation for high school and beyond. Coursework is integrated into the core subject areas, so students receive credit for technological tasks completed in academic projects.