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Spanish at DBA

Opening the door to a whole new perspective. At DBA, we take a dynamic approach to learning a language. Discover more about how our Spanish program gets young people speaking and listening in creative ways. 

Talking the Talk

Speaking freely. Our special emphasis on conversing in Spanish gets students moving and talking. With basic phrases, we provide a fun and effective way to communicate in the language. 

Cultural Connections

Appreciating a rich culture. Our classes introduce students to the diverse expressions of Hispanic culture around the world. Through food and music, we highlight experiences of groups from across the globe.

Diverse Methods

Language for everyone. We help students of diverse learning styles by using a wide range of teaching techniques. Whether it is useful technology or visual exercises, we encourage kids to think in the language.

Highlights from Spanish at DBA


  • Introduction to Spanish Language and Culture
  • Español 1


We emphasize getting up and speaking Spanish as much as possible. Students enjoy the dynamic learning environment and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language.

Sample Projects

  • Comida
  • Música
  • Personas Famosas
  • Lugares Importantes