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Course Program

Course Program

An exciting world of knowledge to explore. Discover more about the innovative course program in each subject area.


Personalized learning and engaging projects. Our Math program helps students of all abilities find success.


Read to achieve. Our English program encourages young people to rediscover the joy of stories.


Explore your world. Our Science program inspires kids to get out and experience the wonders of nature.


Bringing the past to life. Our History program shows young people the relevance of the past to their future.


Opening doors. Our Spanish program immerses students in this vibrant language and culture.


Understanding the roots. Our Religion program explores the ethical and cultural foundations of society.

Social Studies

Essential learning. Our Social Studies program provides students key lessons for growing up in the world today.


Appreciating the beautiful. Our Art electives expose students to the greatest works of human creativity.


Healthy and happy. Our Physical Education electives help kids to have fun while staying active.

DBA Curriculum Overview

Course Plan

DBA students take six core academic classes per semester with elective options in art and PE.

Core class Program

  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • History
  • Spanish
  • Religion (Fall) or Social Studies (Spring)