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Social Studies

Social Studies at DBA

Essentials for life.  At DBA, we have revitalized these classes to help students navigate the world today. Discover more about how our Social Studies program provides practical knowledge for the real world.

Brain Food

Wellness in mind and body. Our unique course introduces young people to the way their changing minds work. Through an emphasis on brain development, we show students how to maximize their abilities in school and life.

Grasping the Globe

Travel the world. Our approach makes learning geography fun and meaningful. With a focus on the future, we ensure our students know the countries and cultures of the globe.

Citizenship Today

Civility in an uncivil time. Our class shows students how citizens define the norms of debate in this country. By encouraging respectful engagement with others, we seek to change the conversation about politics.

Highlights from Social Studies at DBA


  • 6th: Health: Mind and Body
  • 7th: World Geography
  • 8th: United States Civics

Course Studies

Students take a Social Studies course during the spring semester of each of their years at DBA.