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Persons of the Week

Each week, the DBA community reflects on the life of an individual whose courageous actions have transformed the world. These persons demonstrate the core values of our school and inspire students to make a difference for others. Click on the names to learn more about each of these incredible persons.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Nazi Resister and Martyr

William Wilberforce

Campaign to Abolish the Slave Trade

Maria Montessori

Educational Innovator

Mother Teresa

Friend of the Neglected and Saint

Florence Nightingale

Revolutionizer of Nursing

Elie Wiesel

Holocaust Author and Humanitarian

Mohandas Gandhi

Great Soul of Peace and Freedom

St. Francis of Assisi

Friend of the Poor and Animals

John Wooden

Inspirational Coach and Mentor

C.S. Lewis

Christian Author and Apologist

Sojourner Truth

Crusader for abolition and women’s rights

Sarah Josepha Hale

Author, Social Advocate, and the “Mother of Thanksgiving”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil Rights Leader and International Icon

Eric Liddell

Olympic Champion and Martyred Missionary

Rosa Parks

Civil Rights Activist and Inspirational Figure

Richard Allen

Abolitionist Preacher and Founder of the AME Church

Frederick Douglass

Famed Orator and Abolitionist Leaders

Harriet Tubman

Underground Railroad Conductor and Civil War Hero

Fred Rogers

Beloved Children’s Television Host

Jackie Robinson

Athletic Legend and Civil Rights Pioneer

Gudina Tumsa

Ethiopian Pastor and Martyr