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Religion at DBA

Ideas that matter. At DBA, we share the stories that serve as the bedrock of our society and culture. Discover more about how our Religion program provides young people learning that is inspirational for their lives.

Cultural Literacy

Understanding our story. We reveal the influence of the Bible on cultural expression. From great works of art or literature, we show young people about the significance of these symbols.

From the Book

Reading the source. We introduce students to some of the most influential passages from the Bible. By working with the text, we spark discussion on the meaning of these critical stories.

Living Life

Exploring our purpose. We help students to apply lessons from these stories to their own lives. Based on our core value of courage, we encourage young people to stand up for others in the world.

Highlights from Religion at DBA


  • 6th: Stories of the Hebrew Scriptures
  • 7th: Stories of the New Testament
  • 8th: Stories of the Philosophers

Religious Studies

Students take a Religion course during the fall semester of each of their years at DBA.