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Math at DBA

Making math fun again. At DBA, we have developed an approach to mathematics instruction to make it more effective and engaging. Discover more about how our program balances personalized instruction with dynamic class activities.

Personalized Instruction

Giving each student the attention they deserve. Our personalized program means everyone works in a small group at their ability level. With individual instruction, we ensure each student masters the fundamentals.

Daily Dosage

Our flexible schedule allows us to do math every single day. Daily math lessons ensure that students are continuously building their skills through practice and repetition.

Practical Lessons

Math in the real world. Our practical approach emphasizes how numbers impact students every day. With focused practice on problem solving, we give young people the tools to use to better their lives. 

Highlights from Math at DBA


  • Math 6: Foundations of Mathematics
  • Math 7: Math Skills and Applications
  • Math 8: Integrated Pre-Algebra
  • Math 9: Algebra 1

Morning MAth

Our schedule is designed so that math lessons always take place in the morning when early adolescent minds are most fresh. This approach ensures that each student has the best opportunity to learn and grow in the subject.