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Math at DBA

Making math fun again. At DBA, we have developed an approach to mathematics instruction to make it more effective and engaging. Discover more about how our program balances personalized instruction with dynamic class activities.

Personal Pacing

Getting it right rather than getting it done. Our personalized program means everyone works at their own speed. With individual instruction, we ensure each student masters the fundamentals.

Fun Projects

Learning by doing. Our creative projects provide valuable learning in an entertaining way. Whether it is playing fantasy sports or the stock market, we help kids actually enjoy doing math.

Practical Lessons

Math in the real world. Our practical approach emphasizes how numbers impact students every day. With lessons in financial literacy, we give young people the tools to use to better their lives. 

Highlights from Math at DBA


  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Integrated Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1

Daily drill

Every day after lunch, we spend 30 minutes in personalized math exercises. This ensures that each student has the practice they need to be successful in middle school and beyond.

Sample Projects

  • Fantasy Football
  • Class Budget
  • Stock Market
  • Grade Analysis