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Science at DBA

Explore the wonders of the universe. At DBA, we have crafted a fascinating study of the natural world and what makes it flow. Discover more about how our Science program brings together engaging content with hands-on experiences. 

The Big Picture

From the Big Bang to today. Our classes take students on a journey from the origins of the universe to the present era. By telling the whole story, we help young people see the big picture while understanding the individual elements.

Practicing the Method

Grasping the tools. Our active approach gives students constant practice with the scientific method. Through observation and experimentation, we ensure a strong foundation in the techniques for acquiring scientific knowledge.

The Great Outdoors

Valuing the natural world around us. Our overall learning program encourages getting outside and exploring. As a a result, this instills in students a larger appreciation for the environment.

Highlights from Science at DBA


  • 6th: Introduction to Physical Sciences
  • 7th: Introduction to Life Sciences
  • 8th: Integrated Physics and Chemistry

LAb Work and STEM Activities

Our students engage in a regular pattern of lab experiments and STEM projects to hone their skills and increase their understanding of the natural world.