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English at DBA

Words matter. At DBA, we have designed a special approach to make reading fun again. Discover more about how our English program provides a strong foundation of language skills.

Grandma’s Grammar

Focus on the fundamentals. Our strong emphasis on grammar means each DBA graduate can write a great sentence. Through daily writing practice, we ensure middle schoolers master the basics of composition.

Freedom to Read

Read to succeed. We give students the freedom to select appropriate works of real interest to them. Whatever it takes to get a good book in their hands, we foster a love for reading that will stay with kids for the rest of their lives.

Highlight reel

The best from past and present. We introduce students to powerful ideas through discussions of short passages from classic works. By these conversations, we sow the seeds for a deeper appreciation of great literature.

Highlights from English at DBA


  • Foundations: English 6
  • Transitions: English 7
  • Reflections: English 8

Daily Reading Time

Every day after lunch, we dedicate 20 minutes for reading. In addition to their individual book, students listen to a chapter from a class book read by the teacher once per week.

Sample Projects

  • Song Lyrics
  • Book Art
  • Reading Journals
  • Speech Writing