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Applications Now Open to DBA for 2023-24

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After a successful launch this year, DBA is welcoming more students to join our innovative middle school. Our unique approach provides the rigor of a strong college preparatory curriculum in a flexible and supportive classroom. With a focus on executive functioning and core academic skills, we equip young people with the tools for success in high school and beyond.

As we move forward in our vision to transform learning for a new generation, DBA offers several distinct opportunities for families looking for the best educational fit for their child:

  • DBA’s dynamic classroom is designed for the unique needs of middle school students. We prioritize active learning that supports the educational and social development of young people. Our small classes also facilitate more individual coaching and attention for each student.
  • We are accepting rising 8th grade transfers to join our historic first graduating class. Our dedicated 8th grade program gives students a significant boost to prepare them for the next level. We can make a real difference if your child needs more focus on study skills to get ready for high school.
  • In addition to stellar academics, DBA is laying the foundation for additional extracurricular opportunities. We are seeking young people interested in being a part of emerging athletic teams and artistic activities.   

Applications are now open for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades for the 2023-24 school year. The regular deadline for applications is February 17th. For more information about the admissions process at DBA, please visit