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Changing the Lives of More Students: A Look Ahead to Next Year at DBA

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer Academy is an independent coeducational middle school that opened in the fall of 2022 to serve Houston families. The school offers a unique approach that provides an outstanding learning experience for each student. Based on the values of teamwork, imagination, and courage, DBA prepares students for success in high school and beyond. As we look ahead to next year, we look forward to bringing the benefits of our incredible emerging school to more young people and their families.

What makes the DBA learning experience so unique?

DBA offers an innovative approach to middle school that unleashes students to achieve their full potential. Our dynamic program frees young people to learn in a creative and collaborative environment. We combine engaging group activities with individual coaching to help each student make the most of his or her abilities. Our adaptable schedule also affords limitless possibilities for learning. We explore a variety of educational opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Most importantly, our small classes offer outstanding individual support for students. We work closely with each family to provide vital feedback on their child’s progress and to develop personalized strategies for growth.

How does DBA prepare students for success in high school?

DBA focuses exclusively on the needs of middle school students. We blend our vibrant classroom instruction with extensive practice in the skills critical for success in the future. Our system coaches students in personal organization, study techniques, time management, and test preparation. We also offer a stimulating curriculum that builds a strong foundation in the key areas of math, reading, and writing. Finally, our emphasis on community supports students in their social and emotional development. By creating space for meaningful conversation and reflection, we prioritize healthy and balanced lives for young people during these important years.

What will DBA look like next year in 2023-24?

DBA is thrilled to offer the exceptional learning program that we have pioneered to more families next year. We look forward to continuing our combined 6th and 7th grade classroom with 8-12 students. In addition, we are opening our 8th grade classroom with 6-10 students, who will make up DBA’s first graduating class. We are excited that our growth as a school will allow more opportunities while providing the same level of support and attention for each student.

How do we explore becoming a part of this extraordinary community?

At DBA, we use a simple application process to make life easier for families. CLICK HERE for more information and the link to the online application form. Also, please contact us at to set up a conversation or visit to learn more about the ways we can make a difference in the life of your child.