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Life Together Week, Day 3: Managing Resources

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Day 3 continued the community building activities of the previous days while increasing the academic focus. Our theme of Managing Resources challenged the students to think about how we best use our time, talents, and treasure. Our opening devotion reflected on the Parable of the Talents and how we are called to make the best use of our resources and gifts. We then engaged in an introduction to design thinking by having the students construct a tower of spaghetti noodles using limited materials. The discussion of the different obstacles in the process was enlightening.

The second morning block was an executive functioning session. Students learned the organizational system to be used and did the necessary prep work in their binders.

The students decided to eat lunch inside today. We got creative with recess.

The afternoon was quite productive. We completed our discussion of DBA’s Core Values, focusing on the final virtue of Courage. The remaining work time featured the first math assignment, the next deadline in the Summer Adventure Project, and a goal setting exercise. As usual, the students concluded the day in a metacognitive activity by writing in their Reflection Journals.

Check in tomorrow for the end of Life Together Week with Day 4 and Growing in Faith!