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DBA Still Welcoming New Student Applications

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As students across Houston enter the home stretch, we at DBA are looking ahead with excitement to the start of the next school year. We are overjoyed about the plans for the students who will be a part of our incredible community. This is a critical time as families make decisions about where their children will attend school next year. Have you considered that DBA could be the middle school that is the difference maker for your child?

Video: The DBA Student

We hope you take a minute to view this special message from our incoming Head of School, Mr. Eric Lerch. Our unique learning program meets the diverse needs of the next generation of students. If something here connects with you, we would love to talk and share more about how our amazing classroom can support your child.

New Family Webpage

Starting life at a new school, middle school in particular, can be difficult. At DBA, we are ready to walk alongside students and their families in this process. To learn more about the plans for welcoming you to our school over the next four months, please visit our New Family Webpage for the highlights of this experience.


DBA is working to ensure students can enjoy the benefits of our exceptional classroom. As an ApplyHouston partner school, completing an application is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. We also have financial aid available for qualified families. If you are not satisfied with your child’s options for middle school next year, DBA has a place for your student. Submit your application today, and we look forward to sharing more about the amazing opportunities for your child at DBA!